About This. And me.

(Imagine the horror of having to explain Someone what you are about, while have that Someone’s attention for all of 30 seconds. This page is an attempt at that very thing. )

Hello Someone!

As can be inferred from the large header and the domain of this website, my name is Advait. This is my primary presence on the internet. Here, I write about the things I care about. I sometimes also end up writing about things I don’t care about. And I would be lying if I said I am proud of everything I have written. This website is a temporal snapshot of a slice of my brain.

Some things about me

  • I like abstractions.
  • I enjoy writing code that helps in building something larger, something that people will find use in.
  • I am fascinated by the dymanics of early to growth stage businesses.
  • I joined as the 8th engineer at an early stage start-up, that is now a growth stage start-up.
  • My work, interests, and consequently expertise, is primarily in streaming, and scalable distributed systems
  • My biggest hobby outside of work is cooking. I enjoy eating and making food.
  • My favourite subculture of cooking is homebrewing and using fermentation to transform raw ingredients into something truly special.
  • I take pride in the way I articulate myself. I think my ability to frame my ideas helps me stand out.
  • I also like to think of myself as a true generalist with one depth skill (programming/building systems) and many breadth skills (communication, planning, selling)
  • I belive in continuous iteration. While not true in all cases, I generally agree with quantity over quality. Email me if you want to discuss why I am wrong.
  • Sometimes, due to my quantity over quality and continuous iteration approach to things, I make mistakes. These have so far never been deal-breaking mistakes. But if you notice typos here, you know why.
  • Many people don’t think I am funny, but I often amuse myself.
  • While being a strength time to time, a major weakness of mine is that I think about myself too much. You need to have a base level narcissism to have thought about how you want the world to percieve you. I am well beyond that base level.
  • I used to struggle with sincerity, but am working towards overcoming my discomfort with sincerity.
  • I love family and cherish the people close to me.
  • I struggle with mindfulness. I spend more time thinking about mindfulness than being mindful.
  • I value communication. A lot.
  • I present my opinions strongly but I am not strongly married to them. I believe its okay to change your mind.
  • I strive to find common ground amongst people, and dislike creating divides. Divide more often than not brings the collective crowds’ ability to communicate down to zero.

These are some things about me. They will keep evolving with me.

Contact me

I enjoy a good correspondance and hence, am trusting you with my email. [email protected]