This is Advait Raykar’s attempt at having a presence on the internet. He is a tinkerer who enjoys computer science, books and food. This blog will contain whatever piques his interest, mostly books, technology and the sciences; things that are VC chic 1

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He is a big fan of writing about himself in the third person.


  • blog posts I took a while to write, and I consider polished
  • books book reviews and notes
  • thoughts random thoughts, and unpolished pieces. also my weekly newsletter - “The Letter”.

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  1. So, what, you may ask, is VC Chic? Since I coined the term, I get to define it. Its a very vague category of things that usually resonate with the VC kind. Things like startups, new technology, the sciences, big ideas. Paint a picture with these as a seed: Sapiens, Blockchain, Series A Deep-tech startup, Leverage compounding. Your are visualing VC-chic.