Atomic Habits.

· October 25, 2020

I bought this book because I was greatly taken by the promises made by it, and the internet swearing by it. I got lucky, because I really liked this book, the main reason being its a very effective, and practical guide to building and enforcing habits. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who wants to form new habits, or try to get rid of bad ones.

Atomic Habits

The strategies here are pretty straightforward once bought to the fore, but James has done a really nice job of building a narrative argument around the techniques themselves. There is a cheatsheet which summarises the whole book on his website, which is nice, but given the time, I’d prefer reading the book. It really sells the idea of a good habits, and how important they are.

Personal Takeaways

  • Started my own habit tracker.
  • Making habits satisfying.
  • Have to apply the other things too.
  • Identify my current habits, so that I can stack, or leverage them to have other better habits.

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