My favourite reads in 2020.

· January 1, 2021

I am that guy now.

The OND quarter of books.

At the end of October this year, I resolved to read a book per week. I am glad that I have exceeded my expectations, having read 18 books since then. In this journey so far, I have discovered a couple of things

  • I love reading, more than I thought.
  • Number of books per unit time is a bad metric, if it gets in the way of me picking up heavier books. I should just make sure, I always have something to read.

The stats roundup.

Year end list (in no particular order)

I am going to read fiction, and non-fiction. But considering I mostly read non-fiction, the list will be biased towards it. I am adding an arbitrary number of books, that have stuck with me.

Books I particularly disliked, and will actively hate on.

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